Hatena Bookmark REST API


Hatena Bookmark REST API


Hatena Bookmark REST API allows your application to get data in Hatena Bookmark, like bookmarks or entries as well as to create bookmarks.


The API specification may change without announcement.

Excessive API requests, or requests with inappropriate User-Agent may limited without notification.


As of August 2013, API version 1 is available.


This API requires OAuth authorization. For the details of OAuth authorization, refer to OAuth on Hatena Services.

Available Formats

We support JSON for response format. See output examples for each API below.

Bookmark API

Name Operation
GET /{version}/my/bookmark Get user's bookmarks data
POST /{version}/my/bookmark Add or update user's bookmark
DELETE /{version}/my/bookmark Delete user's bookmark

Get or operate on authorized user's bookmarks.

Entry API

Name Operation
GET /{version}/entry Get entry's information

Get bookmarked entry's information.


Name Operation
GET /{version}/my/tags Get user's tag information

Get tag information of an OAuth authorized user.

User information API

Name Operation
GET /{version}/my Get user's information

Get an OAuth authorized user's information.